100 Santas Came!

Project Summary: 100 Santas will gather at the coast. (We will make an announcement about how to participate as a Santa Claus later.) They’ll play and laugh and the children with music and street performance, and hand out presents to everyone.

When: December 24th and 25th

Where: Ootsuchi, Kamaishi, Rikuzentakata, and Oofunato

Purpose of Project:

Now, while interest continues to fade in Tohoku, we will bring volunteer Santas to the coast both to see the current state of the area and to encourage its children. Through this project, we can send a message of encouragement to the childen of the coast: “We haven’t forgotten about you.”

How This Project Started:

This project was inspird by the blog entry of a nurse who came to a refuge center in Rikuzentakata after the disaster. http://blog.goo.ne.jp/flower-wing/e/d4a8d7abe8329331acca5f438a03c492 (Japanese) A girl living at the refuge center who had made friends with the nurse asked her a favor.

She said, “When winter comes again, I wonder if Santa will be able to come here? My house is gone. Could you tell Santa not to give up and take my presents back to the South Pole with him?”

Without thinking, I asked, “What do you want for Christmas?” and the little girl replied, “I want a house and my mama.”

Her mother had died holding a backpack full of the little girl’s favorite dolls and picturebooks.

3/11 has put many children through a horrible, cruel ordeal. To help these children smile, even just a little, I want to give the gift of a merry Christmas.

A Call for Donations:


Along with children, we will also be handing out presents to elderly people living alone. So we can give enough presents to everyone, regardless of sex or age, we have decided to raise funds to purchase boxes of Christmas candy from a shop in Rikuzentakata.


We can take donations from individuals starting at 1000 yen. If you donate 1,000 yen, you can buy two boxes of candy (enough for two people) at 500 yen each. If you donate 5,000 yen, you can buy enough candy for 10 people, and 10,000 yen would buy enough boxes for twenty people.

Please send your donations by bank transfer to the account listed below.


Bank: 岩手銀行 (Iwate Ginkou)

Branch: 遠野支店 (Toono Shiten)

Account type: 普通 (Normal)

Account number: 2046338

Name of account:トクヒ)トオノマゴコロネツト

Deadline for donationsDecember 12th (Friday)


For information on how to do a bank transfer in Japan, please see this link:



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